Chiara Scarpitti
Chiara Scarpitti is a PhD researcher and designer specialised in contemporary jewellery. She has achieved an international PhD in Design the Second University of Naples and before she has studied Fashion Design at Politecnico in Milan. She has held solo exhibitions in Venice, Naples, Salerno, Oslo (NO) and Enschede (NL). Her educational activity concerns teaching, writings, workshops, scientific research.

“My work comes from research both theoretical than experimental. Every piece is the final result of a long and complicated process of thinking, design and production. My inspirations come from history, ancient imaginary and poetry. The aim is to reflect from an anthropological point of view, about the sense of materials, techniques, shapes. I see the jewel in a sort of dialectical relationship with the poetic and visionary dimension of us.  The works bud from a crossbreeding of materials and techniques, both digital and handcrafted. The same mixing is made between different techniques as haute couture tailoring techniques, digital prints, industrial chemical cut, laser cut, rapid prototyping."