Elena Valenti
Elena Valenti started her career as a costume designer, creating dresses, accessories and scenery elements for theatre, cinema and television.
Elena's pieces are the result of her constant experimentation on materials and forms and her sartorial capability to highlight the body's shape.
Giulia Savino
Savino holds a Masters in Contemporary Jewellery from Alchimia Jewellery School and a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from the Milan Polytechnic.
With her Maps range Giulia raises questions of identity and affiliation, such as: Where do we belong? Can we say that a city belongs to us?
Her work takes inspiration from architecture and daily experiences. Giulia's current work is conceived as a never-ending journey across the exploration and analysis of urban planning, social interaction and the contemporary jewellery world. Each jewel responds to very contemporary needs as mobility and flexibility: seducing and light objects, taking up very little space and adaptable to different contexts.
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson is a Melbourne based jewellery maker. After having attended a workshop to learn traditional Silver Smithing skills, while working full time as an IT consultant, she enrolled in the 3-year part-time diploma of Jewellery Manufacturing course at The Melbourne Polytechnic. She then completed the Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing course at The Melbourne Polytechnic.
Fascinated by the lightness and versatility of Titanium, Robyn creates beautiful, subtle colourful contemporary pieces using a process called "electrolytic oxidation. More recently Robyn has explored in all the ways possible the enamel to add colour to her work.
This enamel edition of works has allowed Robyn to re-visit techniques learnt early in her jewellery training but until now not used in her practice. This series of work contains brooches, pendants and earrings using copper, sterling silver and mild steel. Processes such as fold forming, etching and hydraulic pressing have been utilized.
Chiara Scarpitti
Chiara Scarpitti is a PhD researcher and designer specialised in contemporary jewellery. She has achieved an international PhD in Design the Second University of Naples and before she has studied Fashion Design at Politecnico in Milan. She has held solo exhibitions in Venice, Naples, Salerno, Oslo (NO) and Enschede (NL). Her educational activity concerns teaching, writings, workshops, scientific research.
“My work comes from research both theoretical than experimental. Every piece is the final result of a long and complicated process of thinking, design and production. My inspirations come from history, ancient imaginary and poetry. The aim is to reflect from an anthropological point of view, about the sense of materials, techniques, shapes. I see the jewel in a sort of dialectical relationship with the poetic and visionary dimension of us. The works bud from a crossbreeding of materials and techniques, both digital and handcrafted. The same mixing is made between different techniques as haute couture tailoring techniques, digital prints, industrial chemical cut, laser cut, rapid prototyping."
Giulia Boccafogli
Boccafogli is an architect based in Como. She creates her jewellery using fine Italian leather, deriving exclusively from unused stock trimmings.
Her unique ornaments seem to come from a submerged imaginary made of ink, deep dimmed lights and velvety fluids of a swamp.