"Embracing the potential of unexpected materials and techniques in contemporary jewellery....”
is Lorenza's motto

About me

Driven by a strong passion for jewellery, in 2009 I started selecting hand crafted contemporary jewellery in Italy, Australia and around the world to create the 'Bini Gallery Collection'.

The Gallery

Since 2010 Bini Gallery has open its doors in Melbourne and has become an internationally recognised destination for contemporary jewellery. Bini's artists place great emphasis on the use of materials, artisan skills and innovation.

The Concept

Fascinated by the beauty that can arise from ordinary or even mundane materials, Bini selection includes silver and gold as well as tactile jewellery made out glass, pencils, electric cable, plastic bottle, Velcro, vinyl music record, titanium and more.

The jewellery is handmade in limited editions and exclusively available in Australia from Bini Gallery.

Based in Melbourne, we can send our pieces interstate
and all around the globe.


Some of our hard numbers

Happy Clients

"I have been a huge fun of Bini Gallery for years. It is my 'go for' special 'unfindable' gift and with Lorenza I always find them!"

Alternative  Materials

In over 10 years, more than 30 unexpected materials in jewellery making have been introduced to the Melbourne audience

Prices and Age Range

At Bini Gallery it is possible to find a wide range of prices, attractive to different audiences, never forgetting the uniqueness and quality of every single piece.


Our store perks


"Fantastic beautiful cutting edge pieces....”

lavinia Iswaran

"My go to for an innovative, thoughtful piece of jewellery"

jane slack-smith

"I have been a fan of Bini Gallery for years, for special 'un-findable' presents"

penny gray

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